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POSTED ON October 28, 2022

To win a slip-and-fall case in Illinois, you’ll need to establish the owner of the property’s liability for the hazardous […]

POSTED ON August 31, 2022

If you have sustained a serious slip and fall injury and need long-term medical care, you may have asked yourself, […]

POSTED ON November 11, 2021

Determining liability can be difficult when slip and fall accidents happen at Midway or O’Hare International Airport. Depending on the […]

POSTED ON June 16, 2021

When a fall on an escalator causes injuries, the owner of the property may face a lawsuit for the recovery […]

POSTED ON December 10, 2020

Slip and fall accidents that result in a sudden or violent blow to the head are a leading cause of […]

POSTED ON September 16, 2020

If you are injured in a slip and fall at work, understanding the options for obtaining compensation for your losses, […]

POSTED ON January 06, 2020

The impact of a fall plays a significant role in the severity of injuries. Accidental falls from elevated heights commonly […]

POSTED ON September 04, 2019

Skydiving accidents are relatively rare, accounting for one in every 1,536 skydives or 0.07 percent of all jumps each year. […]

POSTED ON March 11, 2019

If a nightclub patron slips and falls on a beer-soaked floor or because of intoxication from over service, the bar […]

POSTED ON December 20, 2018

Due to slowed production and higher prices, a current rock salt shortage may cause hazardous conditions on roads and sidewalks […]

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