I hurt my ankle and leg in a car accident while I was on the job. I didn’t have any broken bones, but my foot and ankle continued to swell and give me problems. The company doctors said there was nothing wrong with me and I should go back to work. DZ referred me to the finest medical specialists. My condition healed and DZ got me a substantial settlement.

R. De Jesus

Over many years of working as a bricklayer, I developed instability of a ligament in my wrist which required surgery. Though I had worked for many different employers over the years, and had been on my last job only about 3 months, DZ was able to get my Workers’ Compensation check paid every week while I was off work. In addition, DZ got all of my medical bills and surgical bills paid, and recovered a $200,000.00 settlement.

G. Robinson

I hurt my back at work and was in a lot of pain. The pain was going down my leg into my foot making it numb. My company sent me to a doctor who said there was nothing wrong with me and that I should just keep working. I couldn’t work and couldn’t go to a doctor and didn’t know what to do. DZ was able to get surgery approved and get my Workers’ Compensation pay. I am now at home recovering from my surgery and receiving pay. Hopefully, I will be back to work soon.

M. Rivera

I worked at O’Hare field as an airplane mechanic. While out on the tarmac, lighting struck the airplane I was working on, while I was touching the plane and I was electrocuted.

I returned to work after a few days but began to develop symptoms of neck pain, headaches, depression and vision difficulties. Another lawyer had my case and couldn’t really help me. DZ was able to have all of my medical bills paid, get me money for future medical bills and make a six figure settlement for me.

M. Kelley