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When Injuries Worsen: Reopening a Closed Workers’ Compensation Claim
POSTED ON August 18, 2021

When a workers’ compensation claim is closed, it may be reopened under certain conditions such as work-related injuries, disabilities, or […]

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Filing a Workers’ Comp Claim and an Injury Lawsuit Simultaneously
POSTED ON August 12, 2021

When work-related injuries occur, the exclusive remedy rule prohibits injured employees from suing their employers directly. However, workers can file […]

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Who’s Responsible When a Waterpark Raft Overturns
POSTED ON August 06, 2021

Under premises liability laws, water park accidents and injuries are usually the responsibility of the park owner and/or park employees […]

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When a Not So Frivolous Lawsuit Results in Jackpot Justice
POSTED ON July 21, 2021

Most injury lawsuits are brought against negligent parties in civil court to hold wrongdoers accountable and to protect others. Unfortunately, […]

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Chicago Ranks Third for Worst Traffic Conditions in the US
POSTED ON July 13, 2021

In Chicago, more than 400 traffic deaths each year are blamed on poor road and highway designs, deteriorating road conditions, […]

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Murdered on the Job: Is the Employer Liable?
POSTED ON July 05, 2021

When an employee’s actions are linked to aggressive past or present behaviors towards another employee, the employer may be found […]

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Who to Sue When You Slip, Trip, or Fall on an Escalator
POSTED ON June 16, 2021

When a fall on an escalator causes injuries, the owner of the property may face a lawsuit for the recovery […]

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Why At Least 53 Workers Died in Chicago Last Year
POSTED ON June 10, 2021

Work-related transportation accidents accounted for at least 53 worker deaths in 2019. Illinois workers employed in construction and mining jobs […]

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How Long Can I Receive Benefits for a Work Injury?
POSTED ON June 04, 2021

The length of time a worker can receive workers’ compensation benefits depends on the type of work-related injury or illness […]

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Preventing Crush Injuries in the Workplace
POSTED ON May 17, 2021

Workplace crush injuries that cause severe injury, disability, and death can be prevented by providing workers with proper safety equipment. […]

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